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What does cognitive behavioural Psychotherapy involve?

Cognitive behavioural psychotherapy (CBT) is now well established as the key method to overcoming depression, anxiety, and many other emotional conditions. Recent government legislation has placed CBT at the heart of mental health care. It is an active type of psychotherapy, whereby the client and practitioner talk, act, and work together to achieve agreed therapeutic goals.

“Human beings can alter their lives by altering the attitudes of mind”  
 William James (Known as father of psychology)

Clients can expect to work actively within each session, as well as to receive guided assignments to be completed between sessions. These between-session assignments may include behavioural exercises and/or reading.  Cognitive behavioural psychotherapy highlights that it is our beliefs, interpretations, and perceptions of life events that determine our feelings, moods, and ultimately, our actions. Therefore, a universal goal of cognitive behavioural psychotherapy is to help individuals identify, understand, and modify their belief systems and also their self-defeating behaviours in order to function more effectively and happily.   

“Cognitive Behavioural therapy can empower an individual to manage and
transform their feelings and their life”

(Professor Lord Richard Layard)



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